Ideas to make your nautical wedding successful

The sailor style wedding, it is relaxing and chic. That is why more and more couples are going to organize their wedding day by this way. If you want inspiration for a nautical wedding, do not forget to read these tips.


In the spring and summer months, many couples decide to give a sailor look to their wedding and from the wedding gifts to aspects, such as an original wedding hairstyle or a delicate bouquet of bride. Besides, wear your beach wedding dress and it is definitely a nice perfect wedding

Why does it attract so much to organize a nautical wedding? Many boyfriends do it because of the ties they have with the sea, holiday memories and others, because they feel identified with this informal style. If you want to organize your wedding with a total sailor look, do not miss these ideas:

1. Find a magical environment

wedding decoration

A lonely beach, a hidden cove or the deck of a sailboat. There are idyllic places with the sea as the protagonist. You can also hold a wedding next to a lake or a waterfall. If you are crazy about the short wedding dresses, you wear it and walk along the beach. In addition, simple wedding dress will also realize you casual wedding dream. And if you are a daring couple, aboard a ship or sailboat on the high seas.

There are schooners, catamarans, sailboats, yachts and cruisers, you can rent their spaces to celebrate the day.

2. Designing Great Decorating Ideas

wedding decoration

The nautical style or sailor offers you thousands of decorative ideas that you can make yourselves. Sailor knots and ropes, nets, woods and trunks of the beach, sand, shells … are the perfect combination to give that note to your wedding.

Other complements are the little fish of wood, algae, boats, compasses, spyglass or rudders. Fishing nets can be one of the ideas for your candy bar to decorate. There are also perfect bottles of castaways, with a message inside. Surely you will love the centerpieces or vases with sand, shells, and shells, accompanied by sailor knots, nets wrapping chairs or lanterns illuminating the tables.

5 popular and beautiful formal dresses

Wear a beautiful formal dress and others will pay attention to you. Once you give a good impression on other people, then you will become very popular. I have been looking for stylish and beautiful formal dresses these days. Today i will talk about 6 popular and beautiful formal dresses.

1. Black Long Prom Dress

The black prom dress is suitable for the busty women who would like to show the charming and beautiful side. The spaghetti straps stands for the simple style. The dress length is floor length, then the dress is designed to show a part of legs to create a modest but sexy atmosphere.

prom dress
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2. Lace Mermaid Long Prom Dress

The lace design is very delicate and attractive. Many women love sweetheart neckline. Because the neckline can attract other’s eyes. If you would like to show your beautiful curve, the mermaid silhouette will entirely meet your demands. The train is also very alluring. It is definitely a nice dress.

prom dress
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3. Two Pieces Short Prom Dress

The advantage of two pieces is that you can show your part of waist. If you are confident about your waist, you definitely can choose this kind of combination. The ruffles on the dress are really beautiful. I think that you can’t wait to try it on and show the dress to your friends and family members.

prom dress
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4. Halter Short Chiffon Dress

The halter neckline is very elegant. The chiffon material is very flowing. The red color looks very warm. The lace pattern on the bodice is creative and unique. The dress is very lovely. Besides, it can also show your legs.

prom dress
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5. Sheath V-Neck Sequin Dress

Many women who have a good figure are crazy about the sheath silhouette. Under the various lights, the sequin will sparkle on the stage. The v-neck design will also show your charm and beauty. The combination of popular elements is very creative. Get it for your prom and other events.

prom dress
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5 effective ways to reduce your guest list

Elaborating the list of guests is one of the most complicated tasks which you will face, because no matter how many you would like to adjust, it always doesn’t include some guests. We tell you how to reduce it without anyone being offended, nor have any suspicions.


You’re getting married, the date is decided and preparations begin. You’ve booked several dates to try on wedding dresses, you’ve started dreaming about the flowers which your bridal bouquet will carry and you’ve also commissioned the wedding invitations. However, you also have to think about organizing the guest list. If you would like to get a good start, take note of these keys.

1. Have clear ideas and clear the doubts

The first thing to know is your budget and it would be best to know in advance the price of the banquet (usually the largest wedding expense) to determine the maximum number of guests that can not exceed the initial list. The same thing can be applied to the rest of things (if you want lace wedding dress that you like so much, firstly you will have to study if it fits your budget).


2. Set priorities: think about guest groups

Put the family first, the friends later, then other people. At the beginning, put everyone that you would like to invite together, then it will take time to reduce the list and it will be easier to know the order of importance.

3. Reduce pressure to a minimum

If your parents or those of your partner help you with wedding expenses, limit the number of guests on your part by telling them that it is your day and you want the important people. If you run on your account, explain that you have a limited budget and you can not invite everyone they want. So, as you probably agreed on all the wedding decorating ideas or when you chose from the infinite possibilities of gifts for wedding guests, you should also agree with this topic, because you have to avoid arguments.

4. When families are very large

If your family is very extensive, limit the invitations to the people who are part of your day to day, with whom there is a closer or close relationship, and exclude those with whom you have no relation or is more casual and less important for you.

5. Companions yes … but not the wedding

If you are excited about celebrating it with your co-workers, the best thing for them and for you is to invite them to drink something one day, prepare a special breakfast or snack in the office, something that will be cheaper for everyone and not for it Less special.

How about? Surely you and your partner will agree on many things. And while you decide who to invite and who to not, do not forget to keep looking for bridesmaid dresses! Surely everything will turn out perfect!

Welcome to for your dreamy dresses

From the first meet to the success of engagement, the process is not easy. However, the ending is very satisfactory and happy. Now that you have confirmed your wedding date, it is time to plan your wedding. Compare and choose the perfect and favorite wedding venue, collect your wedding inspirations board, confirm your wedding theme, book the florist and catering and so on. Besides, it is a nice and memorable moment, you deserve a gorgeous wedding dress. And select suitable bridesmaid dresses to give the complement to your dress. Offers a large amount of gorgeous wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. We focus on the details to get every wedding perfect. We pay attention to the user experience. Closely follow the fashion trends and update our items. Whether you are looking for elegant wedding dresses, vintage and classic wedding dresses, delicate lace wedding dresses or casual beach wedding dresses. The large collection of dresses are designed to suit various taste, so you can always find your favorite ones.

1. Wedding Dresses

We offer lots of wedding dresses. According to the preference, we divide our wedding dresses into many characteristic collections. For example, lace wedding dresses are one of them. Lace details are very attractive and mysterious. Lace designs are unique. You entirely can choose the one you loved from various lace wedding dresses. You will be surprised by the lace pattern. If you are crazy about beach wedding, our beach wedding dress and short wedding dresses are provided for you. If you are looking for the plus size wedding dresses, please don’t worry about it and we have considered it for you in advance. They are well designed by adding many fashionable elements. However, If you feel that the collection is not big, you can find the dresses in other collections and we will make your dresses according to your custom measurements. Casual wedding dresses are ready for the brides who would like to have a simple and casual wedding. If you wear simple wedding dresses, you will save your energy and walk very easily, just enjoy your wedding.
wedding dress
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2. Bridesmaid Dresses

We Offer various kinds of beautiful bridesmaid dresses. Flowing chiffon bridesmaid dresses and shiny satin bridesmaid dresses can be found here. We devote ourselves to different designs. According to different body shape, we have A-line, ball gown, princess, mermaid silhouette. For the neckline, there are sweetheart, halter, scoop, off-the-shoulder, v-neck and so on. Besides, you can make the dress floor length, short length, knee length, tea-length. Of course, you can finally find the one you prefer.
bridesmaid dress
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It is enough for you to know the most beautiful wedding dresses

It is quite common for most girls to enjoy wearing beautiful wedding dresses. Today i will show many kinds of gorgeous wedding dresses. Which one do you prefer?

1. Lace Wedding Dresses

Lace wedding dresses are classical combination of wedding dresses, lace, ribbon and other elements. As is shown in the picture, it is a well-tailored wedding dress. More importantly, the details are very beautiful and delicate on every wedding dress.

wedding dress

It consists of one-shoulder, lace and mermaid. Lace pattern like flowers of branches and tendrils intertwining with each other. It creates the feeling of stereoscopy. The Lace pattern add vivid feeling.

2. Strapless Wedding Dresses

The strapless wedding dresses belong to the most classical princess style. It is said that the inspiration is got from Barbie doll.

Irregular splicing

wedding dress

It also can be used for formal dress.

wedding dress

If girls love strapless wedding dress, I suggest that you choose delicate necklace which is tightly attached to your neck or choose beautiful necklace with gorgeous pendants. The effect will be nice.

3. One Shoulder Wedding Dresses

Classical and elegant

wedding dress

Princess style and one-shoulder

wedding dress

One-shoulder wedding dresses are inspired by the Greek goddess. It is full of classical and elegant feeling. It is different from the classical fabric and more stylish. One-shoulder wedding dresses are generally simple and they can show the side of fresh and refined characteristics.

4. Mermaid Wedding Dresses

The requirements of the body is high and it is a kind of wedding dresses showing women’ charming temperament.The mermaid design let people think of the beautiful mermaid in the sea, so the design adds some elements of fairy tale.

Off-the-shoulder, mermaid and lotus leaf sleeves

wedding dress


Wedding dress

branches and leaves intertwining

wedding dress

5. Off-The-Shoulder Wedding Dresses

Off-The-Shoulder wedding dresses can entirely show the charming shoulder.
Off-The-Shoulder, lace and mermaid.

The kind of wedding dresses not only show beautiful line of the shoulder and neck, but also can entirely show the alluring collarbone.

wedding dress

6. High Collar Wedding Dresses

The high neck lace wedding dresses with backless back are classical and vintage. I belive that bride-to-be with charming neck curve who are crazy about the vintage style will like this kind of wedding dresses.

wedding dress

7. Short Front And Long Back Wedding Dresses

Large hem add a bit of fantastic literary temperament.
Irregular flounces
The design not only perfectly shows the lines of legs, but also covers the thigh which is not perfect. It has a light and lovely feeling.

wedding dress

8. V-Neckline Wedding Dresses

V-Neckline Wedding Dresses can highlight the beautiful curve of beautiful chest and neck. The delicate lace will show your good figure and charm.

Flower details

lace wedding

Lace, V-Neck and mermaid

wedding dress

9. A-line Wedding Dresses

A-line wedding dresses are elegant and modest. They are nice choices for the brides.

wedding dress

Sweet and beautiful

wedding dress

Top 7 Destination Weddings

Wedding Photos

Nowadays, destination weddings are more and more popular. Many couples tend to choose another country or anther area for their dreamy wedding. Wear suitable beach wedding dress and enjoy your wedding. It is definitely very romantic and unforgettable. Today I will introduce 7 beautiful and wonderful destination weddings. Take note of where you would like to go. I believe that you will have a perfect wedding.

Wedding Decorations

1. Bali Island

Bali has the good reputation of “Flower Island”, “Paradise Island” and “Island Of Thousand Temple “. It has different exotic architecture showing local culture. Elegant and secluded virgin forest also can be seen there. If you are crazy about the natural landscape, I think you will fall in love with beautiful seaside sunset. Just have a drink and enjoy the wind, nice view. Wander along the road, you will be surprised by the beautiful green terraces. What a wonderful place. If you have a wedding here, in my opinion, you won’t regret. All the scenery is the best gift for the couples who come here. Face the blue and white Indian Ocean and make a promise to the beloved people , which is the happiest and most romantic thing.


2. Phuket Island

Phuket is located in the Andaman Sea in the northeastern Indian Ocean. It is the largest island in Thailand. Its natural scenery is beautiful. It is famous for the treasure island, gold and silver island. Beautiful blue sea, charming lakeside church, superior environment and geographical conditions. Phuket is located in southern Thailand.

phuket island

3. Maldives


Maldives is not only a perfect honeymoon destination, the hotel offers a mature service, most hotels offer a convenient wedding service. Maldives is an Islamic state, do not take alcoholic drinks into the country, to comply with local religious practices, especially during the month of Ramadan. In the capital, there are many places that are forbidden to take pictures.

4. Tahiti

Tahiti undoubtedly has the world’s most beautiful coral sea. Crystal-like shining sea, white and magic sand. Bora Bora is also considered the world’s most romantic place. It is recommended to travel from May to October.


5. Hawaii

Wedding Photo

You can eat next to the waterfall in the jungle, enjoy the charm of nature. Or enjoy the beach at the seaside. In this American island, enjoying the unique Polynesian culture is a desirable thing. Besides, the egg flower garlands match your wedding dress, you can take many good pictures.

6. Santorini


There are the world’s most beautiful sunset, the most magnificent sea view. White walls and blue roofs are very common here. You can enjoy the clear sea and bright sky.

7. Mauritius


It is one of the world’s five largest wedding and honeymoon destinations. There are a lot of shell decorations in the local, and its price is cheap, so you can choose ocean theme wedding.

The inspiration of wedding photos

When the wedding date is approaching, do you prepare how to take wedding photos with others? Many couples will review their wedding photos, sometimes they will regret that they don’t show themselves perfectly in the pictures. Besides, you can wear your favorite lace wedding dress in front of camera. So today I will talk about the wedding photos. Take notes of what is beneficial for you. If you know these inspirations, I believe that you will enjoy your wedding day. In the future, you will give these advice to others.

1. The couple and flower girls

The combination is very interesting. The couples kiss each other and the flower girls shade their faces with hands to show the shyness. The picture shows the love and shyness. It stands out from many wedding photos.

wedding photo

2. The couple

The backdrop is very creative, sprinkle some flowers into the air adding some dynamic sense. The flower stands for the romance and beauty. It create a very nice, attractive and romantic atmosphere. If you do like this, you will fall in love with this wedding photo.

Wedding Photo

3. The couple and guests

Every guests can see the kiss and see the happiness. Tho love is supported by them. So they will have a good and perfect future. And the couples are most important that day. Compared with the pictures of only the couples, the picture can show more info and seems more sweet.

wedding photo

4. The couple and your dogs

If you love dogs, you can let your dogs enter the scene. Of course, it may be a little difficult for you to take suitable photos. But if you are patient, you can get lots of nice pictures. Each time you see the pictures, you will be very happy and enjoy the perfect moment.

wedding photo

5. Frame, guests and the couple.

The combination is very also interesting and creative. If you have the frame, I think that you can have a try. It is really a nice wedding photo.

Wedding Photo

8 creative sign in ways making your wedding unique

There are various details at the wedding which make your guests impressed. Such as, your alluring lace wedding dresses, your delicate wedding shoes and so on. Today, I will talk about the sign in ways when your guests come to attend your wedding. Actually, the wedding sign in ways is the first procedure to feel the personality and inspiration. If you pay attention to add some elements to it. It will not only attracts your guests, but also make them feel the wedding atmosphere. Besides, the sign in ways will become a significant decoration. So you can take notes of some sign in inspirations.

1. Calendar book

In my opinion, it is a very good way and very recommend it. Choose a vintage and beautiful Calendar book and let them find their birthday and sign in. So you can know when their birthday will be held and give your benediction. I believe that they will feel very happy and lucky due to lots of care.

2. Drift bottle

If you prefer navigation style, vintage style, or outdoors style, especially your wedding will be held on the beach or near the swimming pool. I believe that the drift bottle will suit you. Find a beautiful big glass bottle with not narrow bottleneck. It doesn’t need too much pattern decoration and just be simple. Keep the wooden cork. Then purchase beige notepaper and let your guests write down what they would like to tell you. After that, the person who is in charge of signing in will tie the notepaper with natural hemp rope and put it into the bottle. After the wedding, you can open it one by one and read it. Enjoy the happy moment.
drift bottle

3. Message mailbox

I suggest that you can hire wedding company and prepare enough cards and put them in the flower box. The front of cards should be the wedding logo, the back can be allowed to write down some benediction. Then the cards should be put into the Mailbox. It is similar to the drift bottles but it can save much more time compared to the drift bottles. Remember to select beautiful mailbox and place it in the house as chic decorations.

flower box.01 - 8 creative sign in ways making your wedding unique

If it is not convenience for you to make cards by yourself, you can buy the postcard.


4. vinyl record

If you are crazy about the music, you entirely use vinyl record as attendance book, Finally, frame it and hang it. It is definitely a significant and interesting way.(If you are crazy about the instrument, you can use it for signing in.)


5. Puzzle

It is very meaningful way. Today you will get married, you are searching for the puzzles which stand for the love and finally you find all of them. You meet each other and fall in love with each other. Your dream to be a bride will come true, which is relevant with many friends and relations. So it is time to order a big puzzle. Use the wedding photo or the picture of you and your partner as cover. Then let your guests sign in and write down wish on the back. After that, put it into a delicate box or big glass vessel. Finally, you and your husband can look at it and enjoy happy moments.



A picture is worth a thousand words. Why don’t take a picture with the couples?After taking the picture, you can let them write down wish on the back of picture, then hang it one by one as the backgroud wall. It is very beautiful and easy. Remember to prepare some small tools and make the pictures more interesting. Of course, it will take a lot of time to finish that. So the couples need to plan the schedule. In addition, otherwise your venue is very attractive and beautiful, you had better to arrange a personalized backdrop wall.

Backdrop wall

7. Tellurion

If your friends come from different places or you are really love travelling, you can buy vintage tellurion or map, it is a really nice decoration.


8. Red wine

If you love red wine, you can select some bottles of good red wine. When it is your wedding day, you can let the guests signature and write some wish sentences. After that, you can take it out for tasting on the special occasions. The special day can be 30th anniversary of marriage, also can be the wedding day when your child get married.

red wine

Honeymoon in Canada


You have all the wedding preparations in place: from the wedding dresses that you love, the original wedding ideas with which you will surprise your guests, going through the choice of your wedding shoes. So maybe now there’s time to think about the honeymoon trip. If you like nature, what better way to enjoy the honeymoon than to visit Canada?

Canada is a wonderful destination of which almost everything is unknown. There you will find cities with large green areas, charming villages, and above all, virgin nature that will fascinate you.


1. Niagara Falls and the magic of Toronto

Niagara Falls, on the border between Canada and the United States, is one of the most beautiful shows in the world with its 54-meter drop. From the Canadian side you can see better views. You can start your honeymoon in Toronto, visiting the city and its small islands. From there it’s easy to go to Niagara, where you’ll love spending a couple of days in a typical motel.

Essential … A ride aboard the Maid of the Mist or “Maiden of the Mist”, a boat that will approach you to the falls. It is also idyllic to reach Table Rock, on the Canadian shore, a viewpoint with extraordinary views. And if you give them time do not stop doing the Journey Behind the Falls. It is the “trip behind the falls”: you will enjoy the impressive spectacle of these waterfalls, walking among tunnels.

Niagara Falls

2. The charm of Quebec

The tour of this city, which preserves the style of the eighteenth century, will leave you in awe. From the Plaza, the doors of St. Louis and St. Jean to the Chateau Frontenac, the city of French origin, where you will eat wonderfully, you will immediately fall in love. If you like skyscrapers, miss downtown or stroll through quaint neighborhoods. Petite Champlain is the most popular in the city. For its pedestrian streets you will find the stairs Breakneck where you will enjoy its panoramic views.

Palawan is one of the beautiful wedding destination

1. Palawan, The Beautiful Island

Palawan is located in the Philippines, Philippines is a very beautiful country, especially with their extraordinary hiking, diving, beaches and of course — islands that are really beautiful and impressive. Palawan is very charming with its attractive landscape. So If you have a destination here, I think you will be impressed with your wedding. Besides, your guests will also remember the unforgettable wedding experience.

If you go there, you will find that beautiful blue water mixes with emerald green, jungle-filled mountains that appear to rise up from the ocean, and small fishing villages dot the island. Together with its neighboring islands, it creates the Palawan province, which is really a paradise.



It is described as”the last frontier”, Palawan has artifacts that date back 50,000 years. The island is accessible by either boat or airplane — it’s about an hour and a half by air from Manila— although you can also get there from Iloilo and Cebu. Many say the ideal time to head to Palawan is between about May and October. If you would like to have a destination wedding, It will be greater to get there in warm season. Wear your gorgeous short wedding dress and enjoy your big day.



High points include island-hopping around the Bacuit archipelago for the cliffs, sinkholes and lagoons, venturing to Puerto Princesa for its culinary delights and staying in one of Coron’s luxury hotels.



Incredible (and rare) wildlife can be found on the islands, from purple crabs and Philippine mouse-deer to Philippine pangolin and beautiful butterflies.

We suggest heading into the water and going below the surface. Palawan has some of the best spots to scuba dive in the world — barracuda-filled shipwrecks, for example, line the bottom of Coron Bay.

sea creature