Except for the bride, tell me who is the most beautiful woman?

We know the beautiful bride and the handsome bridegroom is the protagonist in the wedding. if you want your wedding allover looks more perfect. you shouldn’t ignore some relative’s details. especially, like the. she as the wedding important witness and supporting role. Her collocation should be match the whole wedding Style, so the selection of the dress is absolutely not sloppy! Let’s talk about how to choose the mother’s dress?

To participate in their own children’s wedding, mothers will usually dress up and often different, exceptionally dignified and beautiful. And the choice of mother dresses the general idea and principles are: luxurious solemn, elegant atmosphere!
If the mother has a slender body, maybe she can choice a dress which can show her Fascinating curve. we can recommendation her a Slim of the fish tail dress. Exquisite craftsmanship is very texture, enhance the details of the whole skirt. Waist also used the primary design, to the maximum set off her mother’s body, the plate an elegant hair, step on a pair of high-heeled shoes, mother can be elegant! This design will reveal the waist curve generous. And add to the green crystal make the mother temperament.

mother dress

We know that lace elements which itself comes with a strong charm and attractive. If the collision of bright wine red, is more a high-end atmosphere. Look this long red lace dress which is delicate workmanship and fine lace hook flowers. It’s so fashionable, elegant and noble. Elegant flower-shaped design reach to the beautiful silhouette, simple and generous.so it can reveal the clavicle lines perfectly. This waist made a little three-dimensional stitching waist bow design, which have a good modification of stature.


If the mother’s body is not perfect, this simple and bigger size dress maybe can meet the mother’s taste. she does not need to have a perfect waist curve, just style can show the mother’s Feminine. this frilly design is very three-dimensional two pieces, No longer have to worry about the body is not good. This color design is red and keep in line with the wedding theme, as long as the dress selected right, there isn’t exist bad body.


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