How to relax the day before the wedding

Tomorrow is the big day. There are only a few hours to go through the altar wearing wedding dresses and you feel the nerves begin to emerge. Quiet. We explain how to relax so you can enjoy your last hours as a single girl.

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It is normal that the day before the wedding you feel that the nerves take over you. The time has passed very fast and you have the feeling that it was yesterday when you were preparing the wedding invitations and reduce the guest lists. You do not stop mentally reviewing all the details. The beautiful lace wedding dress you want to try for the last time, the bridal bouquet that arrives in a few hours, the decoration of each of the corners … For a few seconds and breathe. Everything is perfectly organized, so nothing will go wrong. And you’re going to be a gorgeous girlfriend! Relax and disconnect with the help of these ideas.

1. Spa session

Reserve a few hours in the morning or in the afternoon just for you. See you get a good full body relaxing massage. You can also get a beauty treatment at home with a good moisturizer after the shower, starting with the face and ending in the feet, little by little, calmly. It is important that, during all that time, you have your phone turned off or silent so that nothing and no one can break your Zen moment.


2. Your friends, your best asset

There is no way to keep your mind blank and you do not stop thinking about whether you should have opted for high buns instead of choosing a semi-picked, or if the assigned menu will suit everyone. Do not give it more laps! Your choices have been correct and you are very lucky that each of the professionals you have hired will help you with any problem that may arise. So the best thing you can do is to meet your friends or that person who knows how to make you laugh and minimize all your doubts.

You do not have to make any special plans. Sometimes a simple but effective one is better. Why is there something more relaxing than a movie afternoon on the couch with popcorn or a good pizza? Choose a funny or romantic movie but, above all, surround yourself with good company and forget about everything else.

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