Want to become Fairy, how can choose our store wedding dresses

We know that white wedding dress is the mainstream for most people, it seems very few people choose a other color to replace the white. And we know as a bridesmaid seems to be able to enjoy their favorite colors and even look more beautiful than the bride for they can casual chose to be able to meet their own skin bridesmaid dress. If the wedding day wedding site layout is full of white or champagne venue, why not choose a color wedding with their own color to make their own more charming and unique. What’s more this is also a good symbol. Colorful wedding will make you feel the married life is colorful and it will not seem too monotonous.

Delicate princess pink drag wedding dress with slim small breasts design and it can highlighting the bride’s slender body. look !the upper body wrinkles texture design gives a three-dimensional visual experience. Starting from the waist down three-dimensional flower large skirt design Smart fashion. The overall style is sweet and stylish.
Pink Wedding Dress

Blue is the color of the sea. you can imagine that this time you wearing a quiet crystal blue wedding dress slowly toward the audients is like the fairy tale in the mermaid princess. Skirt playing in the foot moment reminds you of the sweet and romantic at this time. Thin crystal wedding dress and the upper body embellished three-dimensional flowers. it’s so vivid and three-dimensional overall three-dimensional tissue around the show the illusion of three-dimensional sense of the waist line straps designed to trim the waist and it can perfectly sketching the slender figure curve.
Blue Wedding Dress

If you’re loyal to white romance and purity and do not want to make the white look monotonous. Why not try purple white petals long dress? it both to meet your sense of color without losing the noble and elegant is not it a double benefit. The high waist design of this purple wedding dress can fully show the bride’s waist curve and the back of the bowknot gives a sense of cute to others. If matched with a wreath, the whole model looks like a fairy tale princess, is so simply perfect.

Purple Wedding Dress

In order to make the tone of the whole wedding look more match, you can help bridesmaid choose with a more harmonious color. If you are interested in wedding, you can come to our official website :www.evdressau.com to see, we won the praise of many customers. We sincerely hope that every girl will find his own happiness. Wearing the most beautiful wedding dress filled with smiles and hand in the lover’s hand to happiness.

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