3 ideas for an original wedding

Your relationship will be formed by many details that represent you as a couple. Some may be marked by traditions and others which you can personalize and create a unique day! We show you some ideas.

When the big day comes, among all the preparations there are many decisions that you must take to be closer to your perfect aim. Some of them will be marked by your beliefs, family traditions, the chosen date … For example, if you get married in winter, the beautiful wedding dresses are recommended to be long-sleeved. If you are crazy about simpleness, simple wedding dresses are very suitable for you. But other elements will be optional and will depend on the original ideas for weddings you choose. Discover five options that will inspire you on the big day.

wedding fireworks

1. Spectacular arrival

The car is the most attractive option to get to the ceremony. But if you want to innovate, we show you other options. Among the latest trends, the bike has been a must for its originality. But if your beautiful lace wedding dress has a voluminous skirt, you can also opt for the sidecar. It is a very fun idea that surely will not leave your guests impressed.


2. The departure of the couple

Usually, after they declare you husband and wife, all your loved ones will wait for you at the exit of the ceremony to throw rice and, thus, share with you their best wishes and celebrate the new union. You can personalize this beautiful tradition and distribute cones with flower petals, bags with small leaves or pompoms to fill the atmosphere with magical bubbles. But if you do not decide on a particular option, you can combine several of them to create a more colorful and fun effect. I am your photographer will know how to capture.


3. Reserve place for little ones

If lots of children attend your wedding and you want them to take an incredible memory of your wedding, do not hesitate to reserve an exclusive space for them. Hire entertainers and prepare amazing themed games, like fair games, face painting, gymnastics … All this will allow parents to enjoy the great day watching their children have a great time with the fun ideas for the wedding that you have organized. Surely more than one adult will be encouraged to participate.

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